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The story of indigo

As a European lifestyle magazine, we are reaching out to this new generation of young people, which is proving to be more Europe-oriented than any before: our continent is no longer just a spot on the world map that stretches from Lisbon to Saint Petersburg. They experience Europe everyday, and although their perspectives might be different, they are united through a common European lifestyle. It is quite normal for a young person to study in England for half a year, spend their holidays in Spain and work with people from Sweden and Greece. While doing these things, they start to feel at home in Europe wherever they are. This is the new European generation: communicating over borders and across distances through their mobiles, the internet, or through travelling.

People adopting this lifestyle have something in common. They feel ‘homesick’ for Europe and hope to find a way to express their feelings, opinions and thoughts. To reach into the hearts of these young Europeans, we have launched a new and creative print magazine, indigo, issued in several languages.

New technologies and the common lifestyles bypass physical limitations and geographical borders. For the first time, journalists from across Europe have the chance to work together on one magazine and to create authentic media for their fellow European citizens.

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