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Spring issue is being printed in English language

indigo issue 2 We are proud to tell you that we are printing the second issue of indigo in the English language. The print edition will be available from April 1st. You can get a copy by subscribing on indigo for 16 euro a year (4 copies). On our website you can pay with your paypal account or with a credit card. We will send the magazine to your home address. Subscribe now at All seven language editions will be available as pdf for free on the website in April.


Indigo wins European Charlemagne Youth Prize Belgium

Indigo has won the European Charlemagne Youth Prize in Belgium and is nominated for the prize on a European level. The 'European Charlemagne Youth Prize' is awarded to projects, which promote the European and international understanding, foster the development of a shared sense of European identity and integration, serve as a role model for young people living in Europe and offer practical examples of Europeans living together as one community.

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